Four years ago, at age 80, I had my second back surgery for spinal stenosis and intervertebral disk narrowing. After a few weeks I began non weight bearing exercise in the pool and then started a fitness program with personal trainer, Irena Basnikova. We met once a week and I worked on the things she taught me 3-4 times a week. I had considerable loss of leg muscle strength and my balance was poor. I wanted to regain the losses and also prevent further back deterioration. Irena stressed core strength and balance exercises in a program that included muscle strength and stretching. My overall fitness has greatly improved, I have good balance and beyond that, I am playing golf and indulging my passions for fly fishing and boating. Exercising is known to contribute to reduced cholesterol levels, help diabetes, reduce body weight, increase longevity etc. but even more, it makes you feel better and have more fun!

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