Sonic Wave

This Sonix Professional model uses the most advanced science to deliver precise infrasound waves to the human body via electromagnetic technology and the principle of a speaker. Optimized for the principle of vibration this is the first device that resolves the problem with noise and component wear. It has a weight capacity of up 500 lbs with 12 Automatic Modes and a Manual Mode. 

  • The feeling of Sonic WaveThis high-tech equipment enables workouts for the whole body with effective results in an upright position using a frequency of 3 ~ 70Hz.
  • Better Results in Less TimeThe Sonic Wave can improve your strength by over 30% while maintaining your current weight training routine, can cut exercise time by 85%, and is also effective in preventing injuries that can happen during exercise. For an average busy person with a modern type of lifestyle, the best results can be reached by 10 minutes of exercise at a time.
  • Ability to reach not commonly used musclesSonic wave stimulates fine muscles, large muscles as well as facial muscles, bone, and tissue cells to provide the most effective exercise.
  • Safe for all agesAll the benefits are delivered without hurting joints and ligaments.
  • Customized Programs AvailableThe intensity of the frequency can be adjusted according to the user’s physical condition. From kids to professional athletes, the sonic wave can be used in multiple areas such as medical, beauty, and sports.