SCAR Release Therapy:

The Ultimate Pain Relief Technique

SRT is a new technique that applies cellular changing concentrated microcurrent stimulation directly through scars, traumas and injuries for the purpose of functional pain management, fascial release, improved functional outcomes & STRESS reduction.

SRT Therapy relaxes muscles and calms/regulates the autonomic nervous systems, which naturally reduces pain & stress. This body-wide calming effect relaxes tight muscles, relieves compressed nerves and releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. This multi-pronged effect on the body’s nervous and muscular systems are the reason why SRT works so effectively to relieve pain & stress!

Entire SRT application usually takes 5-15 min.

Scar Release Relieves

Whether you are looking to relieve pain, reduce muscular tenderness/tightness, or simply re-energize and bring your body back into balance, SRT will provide a quick and effective results scientifically FAR exceeding what many therapists and patients are expecting.

How Long Does SRT Relieve Pain?

In many cases, this powerful therapy can provide instant symptomatic pain relief within minutes of application that can have permanent benefits!

Relief from pain can last from a few days, weeks, or months after just one application.

Scar Release Relieves PAIN!

SRT is a SCIENTIFIC Evidenced based Treatment! SRT relieves pain in a 73% or more, with a 95% (CI) (N=51)

SRT is an incredible adjunctive therapy for all manual therapists & physicians who treat pain!

Scar Release Relieves STRESS!

SRT is a SCIENTIFIC Evidenced based ! SRT relives pain & significantly reduces the internal killer …. STRESS

A life saving 60-93% STRESS reduction after application!

SRT Improves Circulation!

Scars “block” circulation by reducing localized metabo-lism and reducing ATP (cellular energy), both necessary for healing. Strategically located Scars can actually cause neuropathies & severe circulatory problems.
See pictures below.

How Will I Feel After Treatment

Like acupuncture or a prolonged massage treat-ment, SRT releases biochemical’s responsible for your warm, euphoric feeling known as the
“runner’s high” (called endorphins). Some patients also experience significant internal changes over a 24-48 hours period as the body “unwinds” and heals itself while the nervous system is brought back into balance during the healing cycle.