How it works

Power Plate utilizes PrecisionWave™ Technology to send micro vibrations throughout the body that help burn more calories, increase circulation, engage more muscles and improve muscle recovery.

Power Plate
  • Burn Fat Faster
    You no longer have spend extra hours at the guy. Burn up to 50% more calories performing your regular workout using Power Plate’s vibrating surface.
  • Engage more muscles fibers
  • Your body activates up to 138% more muscle fibers by fighting against regular gravity and vibrations generated by Power Plate.
  • Better circulation
  • Support your body function by absorbing more oxygen and nutrients into your cells. Vibrations increase skin blood flow resulting in improved body circulation and appearance of cellulite.
  • Pain relief and muscle recovery
  • Feel instant relief and recover faster by placing the affected area on the Power Plate. The improved blood flow created by tiny vibrations helps muscles to recover. One of the reasons why it’s so widely used by professional athletes and doctors.
  • Better bone strength
  • Our skeletal system is under the constant gravitational load that influences our bone density. Power Plate workout increases this load on the bones and improves bone density.
  • Better flexibility
  • Better core strength
  • Skin tightening
  • Improved overall strength

Used by celebrities, professional athletes and doctors