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Areas of Service

My lifetime focus and experience to help people like you reach their fitness and wellness goals brings improvement to their overall well being.
Depending on your needs I will evaluate and create an appropriate individual or combined fitness and wellness program for you.



My strength exercise program focuses on strong posture, core strengthening, functional training.



Active Isolated Stretching allows the body to repair itself and also to prepare for daily activity.



Back pain, neck pain, and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions result from weak posture, and strengthening structural balance and functional alignment helps relieve pain, optimize sports performance, improve appearance and promote successful aging.



Strong Posture Exercises MUST address three elements of posture: how you BALANCE your body, how You ALIGN your Head-Torso-Pelvis-Lower extremity, how you MOVE your body.



Focusing on rebalancing the body, treating scars, providing symptomatic relief and a relief for post traumatic and post surgical pain, also a great solution for of chronic pain management.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Personal coaching and motivation to develop and maintain serenity, proper breathing, healthy sleep patterns, agility and overall spiritual wellness.

Helping Golfers Get In Shape!

Based in Naples, Florida I had an honor of working with many golfers from professional to recreational. What your body ultimately does is determining the distance, consistency, power and accuracy of your golf performance.

My golf fitness & wellness program is customized to make sure you are in TOP shape for your game!


Strong Posture

Core Control

Functional Flexibility/Mobility



Cardiovascular Endurance


Mental Game


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About Irena

Irena Basnikova is the premier Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist in Naples providing unparalleled private & group personal training, fitness coaching, Pilates, TPI Certified Fitness, TRX Suspension Training, Cranial Release Technique, massage therapy, and more . Irena will help you find your body’s potential with a personalized fitness program that focuses on your overall wellness and individual progression to strength, flexibility and optimum health. Let Irena create a personalized fitness program to help you achieve your fitness goals NOW! Read More

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  • TPI Certified Fitness Professional Level 3 & Medical Professional Level 2
  • CPEP Certified Posture Exercise Professional
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • CoreAlign l and ll (BBU)
  • Pilates Reformer I and ll (BBU)
  • Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner
  • Massage Therapist (license number: NCTMB LMT MA70323 and MM 35784)
  • TRX Suspension & Sports Medicine
  • Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • Certified in Myofascial Pain Management with Biofeedback Electro-Stimulation Therapy – advanced Training Level Two

More about my Licenses, Certifications And Trainings

Cranial Release Technique (CRT) Video


I use CRT, which causes a major release of tension in the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue of the body. It also causes the brain and the nervous system to come into a more balanced, optimal state of function. When we release tension in the muscles and balance the body structure, and then put the brain back in charge of the body, it creates the best conditions you can have for healing, health and well-being.

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Tony Robbins on how to flood the entire body with pure energy


High-intensity PEMFs induce a flood of electrons inside the body. Free electrons serve as natural antioxidants, which are also negatively charged. Antioxidants are donators of free electrons, and thus can terminate free radicals, which are known to speed up the aging process. This makes high-intensity PEMF devices inherently anti-aging. With high-intensity PEMFs, the production of ATP is dramatically enhanced as a result of the abundance in energetic electrons.

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