I had gone up two dress sizes in two years and my wardrobe was getting a workout. Something had to be done. My husband, John, and I decided that we would both set a goal to lose five pounds. We adjusted out diets and while John’s weight came off, mine stayed. It was evident diet was only part of the solution. I thought I would have good luck if I could be pushed along by the right trainer and Irena was a wonderful match. She suggested that I do a Fitness Profile to determine my state of fitness. The profile revealed that I was far less fit than I thought. During the month of June I was working out five to six days a week. By my family reunion in July the physical results were evident. Although I hadn’t lost any weight, I had dropped a dress size and was feeling and looking fit. Irena told me not to worry about the weight. If I kept a consistent workout schedule, the pounds would fall off. By August, although I had reduced the number of workouts, I did start to lose weight. And, even more importantly, I dropped another dress size. In September it was time to take a fitness profile again and what a dramatic change. My overall fitness level went from fair to excellent in the areas of aerobic fitness and upper body strength. The biggest surprise to me was the drop in my body fat from 33.8% to 24.7% of my weight. I feel good and enjoyed the experience. Thanks Irena!

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