I fell on a tile floor in May, 2013, compressing my back. Although there was no permanent injury to my back, it was very painful and I had difficulty walking plus pain and tightness in my shoulders. I called Irena and she agreed to meet with me on Tuesday, four days after my fall. She had me lay on a massage table and first used the Cranial Release Technique (CRT). She then applied the Quantum Cold Laser Therapy. The laser beam is contained in a device which is the size of a TV remote and controlled by various computer programs. The device is placed on the damaged or inflamed areas and promotes healing. Finally, she used active isolated stretching (ASI) to aid in the repair and restoration of flexibility in the damaged areas. Now the results: When I left Tuesday, after the first session the pain in my shoulders was gone, and the pain in my back was reduced by more than half. Today, Friday was my fourth and final session which consisted of about one half hour of personal training followed by a half hour of CRT and AIS. I have had no pain or discomfort since my second session, one week ago. I am no longer a doubting Thomas but a believer, the procedures worked for me.

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