Comfort Craft Model 850
  • Mid-split design
  • 25-degree movement range in either direction
  • Designed for Active Release Technology (ART)
  • Allows to total shoulder movement
  • Lateral rear unit
  • Ideal for working the lower extremities
  • Removable shoulder extension

Mid-split Design

The Mid-split design was created 20 years ago for proper body support during therapy sessions. During face up position this pioneered design allows relaxation of the lower back while supporting the arch of the body. As an added benefit the therapists can use mid-split to help themselves from overworking their own muscles by opening up their front lines. Just a 3 minute session can bring about a dramatic difference in everyday work.

The sliding headrest is another special component of the Model 850 allowing the head to freely move in and out of the headrest, creating space during treatment. This is a considerable step forward from the static foam pillow.

Model 850 is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, ART therapists, rolfers, athletic trainers and advanced body workers.

For the Advanced Therapist

Comfort Crafts has introduced their new Model 800 for the advanced Body Work therapists. The design includes the following innovations:

The lateral rear unit with a 25 degree movement range in each direction for working the lower extremities in the process of side to side movement. This feature was designed for Active Release Technique (ART) and other kinds of treatment that involve movement.
The front pad allows change from a 30”/32” wide pad to a 16” wide chest pad for a total shoulder movement in the face up and face down position. A special foam has been added in the center of the pad for chiropractic style adjustment without compromising the comfort of a massage table.