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Improve Posture, Improve Golf Game

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Why Should I sign up for a Golf Fitness Assessment?

  • 16 Point Movement Screen
  • Discover Weaknesses in Game
  • Analyze Limitations
  • Work to Minimize Limitations and work within YOUR BODY
  • Used by 100's of PGA Tour Professionals

What is the Titleist Performance Institute

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The Program Covers

Posture Training

At Naples Fitness Wellness, we examine your posture to see how we can improve on your posture to help with any pain you may have, as well as improving overall posture. This, in combination with some other techniques can lead to an overall increase in performance.

Rehab Techniques

At Naples Fitness Wellness, we introduce you to various methods of improving your health which includes ways of rehabbing different parts of your body. All of which, can lead to an improvement in daily function and golf performance.

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