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  • I fell on a tile floor in May, 2013, compressing my back. Although there was no permanent injury to my back, it was very painful and I had difficulty walking plus pain and tightness in my shoulders. I called Irena and she agreed to meet with me on Tuesday, four days after my fall. She had me lay on a massage table and first used the Cranial Release Technique (CRT). She then applied the Quantum Cold Laser Therapy. The laser beam is contained in a device which is the size of a TV remote and controlled by various computer programs. The device is placed on the damaged or inflamed areas and promotes healing. Finally, she used active isolated stretching (ASI) to aid in the repair and restoration of flexibility in the damaged areas. Now the results: When I left Tuesday, after the first session the pain in my shoulders was gone, and the pain in my back was reduced by more than half. Today, Friday was my fourth and final session which consisted of about one half hour of personal training followed by a half hour of CRT and AIS. I have had no pain or discomfort since my second session, one week ago. I am no longer a doubting Thomas but a believer, the procedures worked for me.

    - Bob V.

  • I had gone up two dress sizes in two years and my wardrobe was getting a workout. Something had to be done. My husband, John, and I decided that we would both set a goal to lose five pounds. We adjusted out diets and while John’s weight came off, mine stayed. It was evident diet was only part of the solution. I thought I would have good luck if I could be pushed along by the right trainer and Irena was a wonderful match. She suggested that I do a Fitness Profile to determine my state of fitness. The profile revealed that I was far less fit than I thought. During the month of June I was working out five to six days a week. By my family reunion in July the physical results were evident. Although I hadn’t lost any weight, I had dropped a dress size and was feeling and looking fit. Irena told me not to worry about the weight. If I kept a consistent workout schedule, the pounds would fall off. By August, although I had reduced the number of workouts, I did start to lose weight. And, even more importantly, I dropped another dress size. In September it was time to take a fitness profile again and what a dramatic change. My overall fitness level went from fair to excellent in the areas of aerobic fitness and upper body strength. The biggest surprise to me was the drop in my body fat from 33.8% to 24.7% of my weight. I feel good and enjoyed the experience. Thanks Irena!

    - Sara P.

  • What I've Gained from Training with Irena: • I never say “can’t do” • No need to be fearful of attempting anything Irena asks me to do •I have lived here for 12 years and watched people rehab, flexibility is the most important element of living a healthy active life •I am now 40% stronger •Learned the term Bosu Ball and how to use it. I went from not being able to stand on the round side to balancing on the other side while performing fitness moves • After total left knee replacement, rehabbed muscles and flexibility and now I am able to run at a sprint speed • No matter how tired or even depressed before a workout, I leave energized, happy and in a positive mood • On a daily basis, I have twice the energy before I started working out Stay healthy!

    - Steve T.

  • I have lived with the pain of arthritis and bursitis for several years. I have had a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and ankle problems. Irena has taught me the value of stretching and weight training. She listens to what you say and provides a fitness program that suits you. I am not one to use machines so Irena has developed an exercise program using the ball, the bosu, free weights and many other devices. My exercise program is always interesting and varied. Her training goes beyond muscular and skeletal. She teaches food and nutrition as well as methods to keep a positive spirit. Thank you Irena!

    - Beverly T

  • bill-s

    Four years ago, at age 80, I had my second back surgery for spinal stenosis and intervertebral disk narrowing. After a few weeks I began non weight bearing exercise in the pool and then started a fitness program with personal trainer, Irena Basnikova. We met once a week and I worked on the things she taught me 3-4 times a week. I had considerable loss of leg muscle strength and my balance was poor. I wanted to regain the losses and also prevent further back deterioration. Irena stressed core strength and balance exercises in a program that included muscle strength and stretching. My overall fitness has greatly improved, I have good balance and beyond that, I am playing golf and indulging my passions for fly fishing and boating. Exercising is known to contribute to reduced cholesterol levels, help diabetes, reduce body weight, increase longevity etc. but even more, it makes you feel better and have more fun!

    - Bill S.

  • Irena, I want to tell you how helpful the golf related training has been to my game. The initial screening was spot on in terms of what I needed to emphasize as a mid single digit handicap senior golfer. Swinging the club is now effortless, the release to my left side feels natural. I am hitting the golf ball noticeably further, especially with my longer clubs. And, this is after only two weeks of training. I look forward to our future sessions and integrating the excercises into my pre golf routine. The pictures you email allow me to categorize the exercises and is very helpful when I need a refresher as to technique. Most golfers will buy a new club or balls to improve their game, but working on the fitness side, is in my mind, money well spent.

    - Peter S.

  • After just two lessons with Irena, I am so much more aware of my body on the golf course. I am able to control my movements a lot better and am starting to hit the ball much further than ever before. I will continue working with Irena.

    - Heidi M.